Ghana’s reputation as being a generally safe place, limited chances of gainful employment has increased instances of pick-pocketing, residential burglary and vehicle burglary making the demand for electronic security even more imperative.

Not too long ago, Ghanaians were taken aback by the brutal death of Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu, Fennec Okyere onetime manager of hiplifer Kwaw Kese. Till date the vile beast/s responsible for Fennec expiration is/are at large.

There is also the GCB manager, Stanbic Bank lady, and that affable young man who died tragically at the hands of robbers at his home leaving his pregnant wife scarred for life.

The Ghana Police has acknowledged that there is need to train and retrain detectives to meet the current scientific trend of crime combat.

With that enters Climax Security Solution GH., an electronic security and IT company operated by Livingstone Atorkey. According to Mr. Livingstone he started providing electronic security solutions to clients in 2014 but expanded the business in 2015.

Climax Security Solutions Ghana. he noted offers Close Circuit Television (CCTV), Access Control, Car Tracking, and Biometric Time Attendance System in addition to other security offerings.

Delving deeper Mr. Livingstone explained, CCTV system uses surveillance cameras, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR, HDCVI) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) that captures? And stores images in video format which enables play back.

ACCESS CONTROL-In order to control unauthorized access to highly sensitive areas in any organization, CLIMAX Security Solutions GH, employs an Access Control system to restrict entry and exit to these areas. Be it Biometric, Codes Access, Tag Access or a combination of these.

CAR TRACKING-Climax offers solution in tracking valuable mobile assets. Provision is made for active and passive GSM/GPS tracking systems for businesses with fleets of all sizes. Employers have the opportunity to carefully monitor the driver and vehicle efficiency and productivity using real time or stored data as well as control the speed at which the vehicles would be travelling.

Biometric Time Attendance System-The lack of accurate Time & Attendance tracking system for employees have not only encouraged lateness to work but has also bred discontent amongst employees but by engaging Climax Security  Solutions GH employees real reporting time to work and productivity can be ascertained.

Other service Climax Security Solutions provides includes GSM Fire Alarm Systems, Video intercom Electronic Fencing, Gate, Doors and Windows Automation and Personal Protective Devices and Gear.


On challenges the company faces, the Ghana trained professional mentioned skepticism of Ghanaians about electronic security and power outages.


Clients of Climax  Security Solutions GH include rural banks, gaming companies, fuel stations, construction companies, hotels, schools, bakeries and individuals.


Mr.Livingstone  Atorkey intimated that in 3-5 years his firm would become the default option in Ghana when electronic security services are needed as the firm has already undertaken works in all of the country? 10 regions thanks to its 10 man staff and 5 auxiliary handymen.


On why folks should opt for the services of Climax Solutions GH, Livingstone as he is simply called explained: To have electronic security is better than having 100 people guarding ones premises. Often the watchmen serve as the ones who leak information intentional or not to intruders who do harm to the employer.


The human element can be troubling. When an electronic gadget is well installed on the premises and monitored coupled with a rapid response team, crime is easily curtailed and when they do occur swiftly contained.


Livingstone further stated that with Climax gadgets, in the eventuality of an intrusion/attack his clients can simply press a button to alert neighbors of danger without the least noise being made adding that Climax collaborates with private security firms and the Ghana police who respond to distress calls.


On the issue of citizens possessing firearms to protect themselves, Livingstone opined that he who has goat enjoys goat meat indicating that having a gun can induce folks to attempt to shoot at the least opportunity adding that often while the bearer might have pulled the gun to frighten a neighbor, lover or friend in the event of a quarrel, disasters arise with poor handling of the weapon.


The Chief Executive Officer of Climax Security Solutions GH observed that most crime figures obtained are conservative figures as most crimes in the country are not reported adding that having an electronic security system installed offers a 95% safety net for lives and property.


He noted that that an electronic failure is easily detected and in power outage situations back-up systems can be activated but human failings can be hidden for long noting that watchmen who are not feeling well often hide their condition and report to work yet cannot keenly guard their premises.

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