There’s no denying the impact that smartphone technology has had on our daily operations.

With instant communication, high quality photography and Internet connectivity in our pockets now considered the norm – not to mention the hundreds of intricately designed apps that aim to make our lives easier.

While some uses for mobile phones and tablets may be trivial, from time-killing games to TV listings, others provide convenience and even security. CCTV monitoring certainly falls into the latter camp. Remote monitoring of security systems has long been possible, but it is relatively recently that the ability to carry your monitoring device around with you wherever you go has been an option.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

The basic premise behind remote CCTV monitoring is that it allows the user to view a closed circuit camera system from a separate location. When the property’s alarm or detection system is activated, the live feed from the CCTV can be checked for the cause, and the user can alert the relevant authorities should it be a genuine intruder.

In the case of mobile phone and tablet monitoring, this takes place through a connection to the CCTV network, either through a static or dynamic IP address. You can now observe your secure premises from anywhere in the world, allowing you to immediately make the relevant call should you be alerted of anything untoward taking place. However, there are other benefits to mobile phone and tablet monitoring too.

Not only does it mean that you can keep an eye on your property on the move, this form of remote monitoring also drastically reduces the number of false alarm call outs made by police forces when an alarm is triggered by something other than a break in.

Premises can be monitored outside of business hours, providing an ideal solution for all offices, warehouses, factories, schools and more. While CCTV can be a great deterrent and provide footage to be used against intruders in legal proceedings, with the addition of mobile phone and tablet monitoring the opportunity to intervene in a crime in progress helps to keep your property as protected as possible.

Climax Security Solutions

As one of the leading providers of commercial and residential intruder alarms in Ghana, the expert team at Climax Security Solutions is on hand to provide full installation and setup of mobile phone and tablet CCTV monitoring.

Available for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, the system can provide you or your business with a convenient monitoring, helping to improve security and efficiency.

Get in touch today for more information or to request a quick and thorough quotation.


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