There are few things more important than feeling safe in your own home, which is why protecting it from break-ins and vandalism should be made a top priority.

There are a number of ways of doing this, from ensuring that sufficient alarm systems are in place to installing CCTV to collect evidence of a robbery while also providing a visual deterrent. Fundamentally, however, there should be a focus on reducing the vulnerability of any potential entry point, such as windows, garages and, most obviously, front and back doors.

Burglar-proofing your Doors

While security features have consistently improved in most homes over the last couple of decades, a door that’s vulnerable to a swift kick or a crowbarring will always be attractive to an opportunistic thief.

 Door Material

It may seem like stating the obvious, but ensuring that you have a door that can withstand a bit of force should be made a major priority. Any form of hollow wooden door is instantly at risk, and should be replaced, by either fiberglass or solid wood. Try to avoid large window sections that could easily be smashed to gain entry.


A door could be made of titanium metal, but if insufficient attention is paid to the hinges then it will make no difference to an intruder. First of all, hinges should not be on the exterior of the doorway (common sense), where they could be attacked by a chisel, screwdriver or other levering tool. Secondly, many doors will be hung by only three hinges. Adding an extra hinge between the existing top and middle ones, and another between the middle and bottom, will greatly increase the combined strength – particularly if they are made from stainless steel.


As with hinges, a door is only as strong as its locks. With this in mind, investing in a solid deadlock is the best way to ensure that the door is not vulnerable to being pried open. It’s not just the quality of the bolt itself, however. Paying attention to the strength and durability of the strike plate is also important, with metal housing recommended. Additional bolts at the top and bottom of the door will always help to strengthen it, too.

Additional Options

While strengthening the physical integrity of the door is often priority number one, there are a number of steps that can be taken to further improve security. Door entry systems allow for strict access controls – particularly useful for larger commercial properties – meaning that key card access can be granted to authorised persons, and cancelled automatically in the event of theft or loss.

Access control and door entry systems can range from keycard controls to being able to hear and see who is trying to enter the premises, and advice as to which is most suitable for your needs should be sought from a reputable and approved company such as Climax Security Solutions

Climax Security Solutions provide a wide range of high quality security options for homes and businesses throughout Ghana and the Home Counties. From burglar alarms tailored to your needs to full CCTV and door entry systems, our expert team are on hand to provide advice and assistance as to the ideal setup for you. Get in touch today to arrange a free site survey, or to find out more.


There’s no denying the impact that smartphone technology has had on our daily operations.

With instant communication, high quality photography and Internet connectivity in our pockets now considered the norm – not to mention the hundreds of intricately designed apps that aim to make our lives easier.

While some uses for mobile phones and tablets may be trivial, from time-killing games to TV listings, others provide convenience and even security. CCTV monitoring certainly falls into the latter camp. Remote monitoring of security systems has long been possible, but it is relatively recently that the ability to carry your monitoring device around with you wherever you go has been an option.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

The basic premise behind remote CCTV monitoring is that it allows the user to view a closed circuit camera system from a separate location. When the property’s alarm or detection system is activated, the live feed from the CCTV can be checked for the cause, and the user can alert the relevant authorities should it be a genuine intruder.

In the case of mobile phone and tablet monitoring, this takes place through a connection to the CCTV network, either through a static or dynamic IP address. You can now observe your secure premises from anywhere in the world, allowing you to immediately make the relevant call should you be alerted of anything untoward taking place. However, there are other benefits to mobile phone and tablet monitoring too.

Not only does it mean that you can keep an eye on your property on the move, this form of remote monitoring also drastically reduces the number of false alarm call outs made by police forces when an alarm is triggered by something other than a break in.

Premises can be monitored outside of business hours, providing an ideal solution for all offices, warehouses, factories, schools and more. While CCTV can be a great deterrent and provide footage to be used against intruders in legal proceedings, with the addition of mobile phone and tablet monitoring the opportunity to intervene in a crime in progress helps to keep your property as protected as possible.

Climax Security Solutions

As one of the leading providers of commercial and residential intruder alarms in Ghana, the expert team at Climax Security Solutions is on hand to provide full installation and setup of mobile phone and tablet CCTV monitoring.

Available for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, the system can provide you or your business with a convenient monitoring, helping to improve security and efficiency.

Get in touch today for more information or to request a quick and thorough quotation.


Whether through damage to property, theft, arson or violence, many businesses suffer the effects of crime – some of which can have long-lasting consequences on profit, morale, and operational procedures.

With over 20% of all recorded crime statistics in the Ghana accounted for by offences against businesses and their premises, it is more important than ever to ensure that yours is fully protected against any such unfortunate attacks.

Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to do so.

Check Doors/Windows/Access Points

The majority of thefts against commercial organizations (outside of cybercrime) occur through opportunism, such as an unlocked door or an open window. While we can’t always accommodate for mistakes or forgetfulness, incorporating some form of daily routine to check for easy access points can avoid these frustrating break-ins. Consider performing a risk assessment on a regular basis to identify vulnerable areas in your building, focusing on any windows or doors that may need reinforcing through stronger locks, shutters or strengthened glazing.


CCTV is a hugely beneficial component in the fight against crime. Not only does it act as a clear visual deterrent to opportunistic burglars, it also provides evidence should an incident occur. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a break-in; if a physical attack has taken place, or some form of intentional vandalism (such as arson) CCTV can be used as evidence in determining the nature or cause of the event and in corroborating the accounts of victims or witnesses.

Alarm Systems

As with CCTV, alarms are another hugely effective visual deterrent for would-be criminals – particularly when they are alerted to their presence. Similarly, a loud alarm call will usually cause a hasty exit for anyone trespassing on a property for illegal reasons. A professional security company, such as Climax Security Solutions, will be able to create an alarm network that meets the specific needs of your premises, and having one fitted will also help to bring your insurance costs down considerably.

Protect Equipment                        

A good method of avoiding equipment theft, whether from an external break-in or from inside your own company, is to apply some form of security tagging, making them hard to remove from the premises without being tracked. Use caution when granting access to employees, particularly to areas of the business that contain sensitive equipment or large amounts of money. Keep a record of all serial numbers for equipment that could be targeted by thieves.

Protect Staff

Not all crime against businesses is related to theft or vandalism; attacks against staff members, either by other staff members or outside visitors, is not uncommon. CCTV will help here, but also sufficient security training for anyone involved in the handling or transferring of cash or equipment.

Climax Security Solutions have over 3 years of experience when it comes to helping businesses to stay safe and secure from the threat of crime. With full design, supply and installation of our range of burglar alarms, door entry systems, CCTV systems and fire protection equipment, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands with us.

For more information, or to discuss a bespoke alarm system tailored to your premises,

Home alarm systems are, as we’ve discussed, not just about intrusion detection. Another very important role that residential security technology can play in your peace of mind is to add an additional layer of protection, in the form of fire detection.

Unlike intrusion direction, which is only “active” when your alarm system is armed, fire detection devices don’t need to be turned on and off: they’re on the job 24/7. Good alarm companies will recommend at least one monitored smoke and heat sensor for every system they sell, even though building codes don’t require that the sensors be monitored.

In fact, fire monitoring all by itself is a major reason to have a monitored home alarm system in the first place.

  • Let’s say you’re away when the fire happens, so you’re not home to hear that non-monitored noisemaker alarm go off.
  • How about if you are home – and overcome by smoke? Most fire deaths are caused not by the fire itself, but by smoke inhalation. Wouldn’t you rather know that if you are overcome by smoke, help could be on the way?
  • An additional advantage is that your insurance company may well offer further discounts for fire monitoring over and above the savings you’ll see just from having a monitored intrusion system.

So, let’s briefly recap the key benefits of adding fire monitoring to your alarm system:

  • Non-monitored smoke alarms – even the extensive systems sometimes required by building codes – will never summon help. They do nothing when you are away, or if at home and overcome by smoke.
  • Fire monitoring should not add a penny to your monitoring fees.
  • Fire monitoring should provide you with additional home insurance discounts.
  • Pets that are home alone need monitored fire protection, too!

Explaining the Smoke & Heat Sensor

The workhorse of home fire monitoring is the wireless smoke and heat sensor, and as with the other sensors we’ve discussed, wireless is in fact the way to go. (The good devices actually contain three separate fire detection technologies:

  1. Smoke Detection: using photoelectric technology to sense airborne particulate, the sensor “samples” the air. Photoelectric technology is the best for detecting smoldering fires, and is the most widely used today.
  1. Fixed Temperature Sensor: the standard trigger point is 135 degrees F. Once the detector senses this temperature has been reached, the alarm is activated.
  1. “Rate of Rise” Temperature Sensor: the sensor can determine if room temperature is increasing by more than 15 degrees F within a 60-second period. That unusual (and dangerous) “rate of rise” in temperature also triggers an alarm.

Again, the best wireless smoke & heat sensors contain all three technologies, to give you the best protection.


Smoke and heat sensors are best placed high on the wall, or on the ceiling – and as a rule, not in the “corner” where the wall and ceiling meet. I generally recommend one sensor on each floor, starting with the upper floors, and working down (since heat rises, and upstairs is usually where the bedrooms are).

As you may imagine, the kitchen is not a great location for the smoke & heat sensor. There is too much possibility of a false alarm. The same can be said for a bathroom, as the steam may be interpreted by a sensor as smoke.

Monitored Fire Detection is Best

It’s great to know that if you are way from home – or if you are at home, and are overcome by smoke – that help can be on the way in minutes. That’s why a monitored smoke & heat sensor is the wise choice for homeowners looking for true peace of mind. Frankly, anything else is just a noisemaker. And when it comes to alarm monitoring, remember the best systems rely on a security cellular connections, not a phone line or Internet connection: cellular is just safer.


If you are operating a business in Ghana, no matter how big or small, protecting it is always at the forefront of your mind. On that basis alone, the importance of installing CCTV cannot be overstated. However, in addition to security, there are several other reasons why CCTV can be of great value to your business.

Many business owners put off the installation of surveillance equipment primarily through the fear of high costs or complicated operating procedures, when in actual fact, CCTV is both affordable and simple to operate. In addition, the benefits provided make it extremely cost-effective.


Tackling Crime

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing CCTV is its use as a measure to tackle crime. If the worst should happen and your business becomes affected by criminal behaviour, CCTV can be crucial in helping the police to find the culprits and potentially recover any stolen goods.

As well as its use as an aid in finding and prosecuting the perpetrators of crime, the mere presence of a CCTV system will deter the vast majority of thieves, vandals, graffiti artists and other opportunistic criminals, who will see it as too much of a risk to attack your premises. This deterrent effect can prove to be absolutely priceless to your business.


Protection of Employees

In addition to protecting your premises and the equipment inside, the installation of a comprehensive surveillance system can also offer protection to one of your business’s most important commodities: the people you have employed to work there.

The need for staff members to feel safe is extremely important, and satisfying this need can keep morale high. The presence of CCTV can play an important role in ensuring that staff feel safe, especially when working at night. Moreover, by aiming cameras at any particular areas of risk or areas that are out of bounds, these areas can be remotely monitored and kept clear or safe.



Use in Insurance Claims

Using CCTV security equipment can bring about a number of insurance benefits; the most simple being that many insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance premium if they know that you have installed an approved CCTV system. Therefore, your company may actually save money by setting up a CCTV system.

Increased Productivity

Furthermore, Closed Circuit Television systems offer benefits to the actual performance of a business itself and can lead directly to improved productivity within the workplace. This is especially noticeable in an office environment.

By keeping an eye on your office and employees, you can quickly eliminate any unwanted behaviour from staff members. The employees themselves will often become more efficient in their use of time if they realise that the office is being monitored and they cannot get away with time-wasting.


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